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Bill Carty - Carty Party 1962

On: Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bill Carty
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Spinning in "a world of his own" after "Blasting Off" is his first StereOddities album, the nimble-minded comic of the Gold Coast invites you and your friends to join him by launching a "Carty Party". What a blast! In this laugh-soaked encore, Bill keeps you soaring with an exciting change of pace as he explodes a barrage of gags and then bursts into brilliant song. No subject, from politics to paternity (including of course, [sic] possible to hear the fine, natural qualities of his own singing voice during every performance as a respite from laughter. He obliges us here with some brilliant renditions of beautiful tunes arranged and scored by Lon Norman and backed by a full, lush orchestra. The total effect is an outstanding evening's entertainment by a top-notch talent who always leaves 'em laughing. He'll panic your party and if you want more of Bill Carty, write and tell us. We'll try to snare him again on his next orbit. ~Liner notes

01 Side 1
02 Side 2

Songs: Till, Love Letters, You've Changed, Just Friends

Stereoddities Records CC-1
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