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Charley Weaver - Charley Weaver's Letters From Mama 1968

On: Monday, August 22, 2016

Charley Weaver
Clifford Charles Arquette
aka Charley Weaver
aka Charlie Weaver
Dec 27 1905 - Sep 23 1974 age 68
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"Sometimes his jokes are old, and I live in the constant fear that the audience will beat him to the punch line, but they never have. And I suspect that if they ever do, he will rewrite the ending on the spot. I would not like to say that all his jokes are old, although some have been found carved in stone. What I want to say is that in a free-for-all ad lib session, Charley Weaver has and will beat the fastest gun alive." ~ Jack Paar

01 Mama's Surfboard
02 Elsie Krak Joins The Lonely Hearts
03 Grandpa Ogg's Hair Restorer
04 Dining With Wallace Swine

05 Gomar Cool And His Barbecue
06 Bertie Rod And Leonard Box Elope
07 Long Haired Papa
08 Leonard Box Tells All

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