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Charlie Weaver - Charlie Weaver Sings For His People 1959

On: Monday, August 22, 2016

Charley Weaver
Clifford Charles Arquette
aka Charley Weaver
aka Charlie Weaver
Dec 27 1905 - Sep 23 1974 age 68
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01 Just Got A Letter From Mama
02 On The Boardwalk Of Snyder's Swamp
03 Fight For Sub Normal You
04 Gomar, Come Out Of That Sewer
05 Who'll Sign The Pardon For Wallace Swine
06 The Irish In Mt. Idy

07 These Are My People
08 It's Cumquat Time In Mt. Idy
09 Mt. Idy Lullaby
10 They're Draining Snyder's Swamp In The Morning
11 Xmas In Mt. Idy
12 Happy New Year, Happy New Year (Come To The Party, Do)

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