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Dick Davy - Stronger Than Dirt 1967

On: Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dick Davy
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Dick Davy Says:
WAR: "There's so many colored soldiers over there, the Vietcong must think the United States is part of Africa. They all ground soldiers, though. Air Force don't let 'em fly no bombers, scared they might head straight for Memphis."
Civil rights: "Down South they tryin' to get voters registered. I know one fella finally got inside the court house last year. They threw him a ball-point pen and a piece of wax paper. 'Write your name, boy.' They handed him a Chinese newspaper. 'What's it say, boy? It say: I ain't gonna vote this year.'"
HUAC investigation of the Klan: "The HUAC investigatin' the Klan is like Bobby Baker investigatin' Billy Sol Estes."
KLAN: "Vietcong should get some white sheets and hoods, burn some crosses. Then when we capture them, we give 'em a nice friendly trial, and let 'em go."
FBI: "American Legion say colored folk proud to fight for their country. Shoot, they just figure they got a better chance against the Cong than the Klan. At least ain't nobody tell' 'em to lay down their guns and trust to the FBI."Peace demonstrations: "People are mad at these protesters not 'cause of what they believe in so much as what they march in. Trouble is that once you teach folks how to take baths and march in step and shoot guns, well, then if they still don't like their government, you don't have no more protest, you liable to have a revolution."
Current status of Negroes: "Colored folks is doin' better. I seen this colored girl in that center flap you pay your 75 cents for. White Citizens Council demanding equal time. They want Mr. Faubus to be Aunt Jemima for a month. Not too long ago, Sidney Poitier got an Academy Award for his convincing portrayal of a Negro."
William Buckley, Jr.: "...a white nationalist running on the po-lice ticket."
Muhammad Speaks: I buy that paper every week, and every week I see that fella in the pretty hat, and he seem whiter and whiter. If he get any whiter, they put him on the cover of Ebony."
Watts Riot: "It was supposed to be in San Francisco, but you can't have no good riot uphill. Newspapers called it senseless violence. That wasn't it at all. All these poor folks hearin' 'bout the War on Poverty, so they enlisted -- burn down the buildings with rats in them, break into the stores that been cheatin' them, shoot at the cops that's always beatin' on them. Then the government sends in the army, and these poor folks hold up their hands and surrender. So now the government got to rehabilitate them, just like we done the Germans and the Japanese."
Public accommodations: "During the black-out people was beggin' storekeepers to stay open. Mothers sayin' they got no milk for their babies, no beer for the fathers. Storekeepers was sayin', 'I don't care, I'm gonna close up my store.' People sayin', 'My children ain't got no food,' 'I don't care. It's my store, and I'm gonna close it up. Go away.' Overnight, 20 million white folks found out the meaning of public accommodations."

01 Whitey on Whitey 4:27
02 Los Angeles 1967 4:32
03 Political Scene 5:11
04 Color 4:28
05 Pills 7:30
06 Birds 6:04
07 Cities 3:06
08 Soul 3:19

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