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Bill Carty - Blasts Off! 1961

On: Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bill Carty
Birth name
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"Bill was a very, very funny guy. Bill was a drinker. And I think, maybe, when he was at his peak at drinking he was his funniest. He was just as Irish as can be. I don't know why his record didn't take off more. Maybe because he was a visual comic, like a Jerry Lewis in his prime or Victor Borge. Very funny guy, but I think he got at loggerheads with Fletcher - because he only wanted to do that one record. He thought he could make enough money off that to retire for the rest of his life. I don't know. He worked at a place down here called The Space Satellite Motel. That was the room he worked. It was a large  circular bar and he was propped up in the middle of it. It was little more than a half moon. He would work the room and there were tables beyond that. Thing about Fort Lauderdale, it had just the greatest designers. Las Vegas stole everything from [Miami Beach] and Fort Lauderdale when it came to building cocktail lounges." ~Woody Woodbury interview, told to Kliph Nesteroff, ClassicShowbizBlog

01 Moonlight Orbit
02 Bluelight Orbit

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