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Don Sherman - Don Sherman Is King Of The High Seas (Video)

On: Monday, August 8, 2016

Don Sherman
Birth Name
Mar 01 1932 - May 23 20 age 80
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Don actually got his start doing live comedy on tours with singers like Frankie Laine. He says he started writing his own material because comedians like Woody Allen arrived and he didn't do "jokes," but rather told personal stories. Don said "So, I threw out all of my old jokes and started writing my own material. Then one night I was in Vancouver and I heard people raving about Jack Carter, so I went to see him and there he was doing all of my old jokes."
Of course, it is a comedy crime to steal material, but in this case with full respect for Don's creativity, I'm going to retell some of his jokes as homage to one of the greats. The proof of his greatness is that I still remember so many of his jokes nearly 20 years later.
Don would start out telling us how he got his "gig" by saying he got a phone call, collect, from Holland America. "They said, 'how would you like to sail on the finest cruise line in the world, we go to Europe, Asia, South America and the South Pacific?'"
"Where does my cruise go? – They said 'it doesn't matter where you go, Don, you are going on the Westerdam, the fourth largest ship in the world, (it isn't, but Don didn't care). 'The other three are stuck in the Panama Canal.'"

Don Sherman Is King Of The High Seas (Video) 16:43

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