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Isaac Air Freight - My Kingdom Come, Thy Kingdom Come 1982

On: Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dave Toole, Dan Rupple.  Larry Watt replaced by Mitch Teemley
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Isaac Air Freight was the original; the best known and most inventive comedy team in a field they almost single-handedly pioneered: Christian Comedy. Their unique style of satirical sketch comedy, humorously communicates piercing truths about the human condition, while introducing you to some of the most colorful and real characters you may ever have the pleasure of meeting.
The original members of Isaac Air Freight, Dan Rupple, Dave Toole and Larry Watt, teamed up in 1976 with the hope of building successful comedy careers. They were able to do just that, but in a way they never expected. They first gained considerable word of mouth attention around Southern California nightclubs, when in 1977, they each made a commitment to Christ. The dramatic personal changes they experienced quickly became evident in their direction as a group. Material that had its basis in cynicism and escapism steadily gave way to comedy that inspired their audiences spiritually and offered them a new lens to examine society’s values. Isaac Air Freight was born!

01 King Me – The First Encounter
02 That’s Ridiculous
03 The Happy Family
04 P & R Lucre Tithe  Service
05 King Me – The Second Encounter
06 Big George, little “g”
07 King Me – The Third Encounter

Christian Skit Comedy
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