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Selma Diamond - Selma Diamond Talks And Talks And Talks 1960

On: Monday, September 10, 2012

Selma Diamond
Birth name
Aug 05 1920 - May 13 1985 age 64
Official Site

Selma Diamond was a Canadian-born American comic actress and radio and television writer, and is best known for her high-range, raspy voice and her portrayal of Selma Hacker on the first two seasons of the NBC television comedy series, 'Night Court' in 1984 & 1985. She began her career as a comedy writer first in radio in the 1940's and then television in the 1950's as one of the writers for Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca's groundbreaking, 'Your Show of Shows' In fact, Selma Diamond was reputed to have been the inspiration for the Sally Rogers character on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' (played by the similarly raspy-voiced Rose Marie), which centered around the head writer for a fictitious, mercurial television comedian. Miss Diamond made regular appearances on 'The Jack Paar Show' as well as 'The Tonight Show' with Johnny Carson. The brief excerpt on this promotional 45 was taken from her 1960 Carlon Records comedy LP entitled, 'Selma Diamond Talks and talks and talks.....'. Selma Diamond passed away in 1985 from lung cancer at the age of 65.
Night Court's Selma

01 About "NOW"
02 About Being Single
03 About Men And Marriage

04 About "THEN"
05 About Four Minutes, 25 Seconds Long
06 About Her Aunt

Carlon Records LPX-5001

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