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Norm Crosby - She Wouldn't Eat The Mushrooms 1967

On: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Norm Crosby
Norman Crosby
Sep 15 1927 -
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Master of malaprops and misinformation, Norm Crosby was a Tonight Show regular and one of the funniest comics of the mid-to-late '60's. She Wouldn't Eat The Mushrooms Soundtrack album This 1966 Epic release includes some of his best routines-Look at Samson, The Roman Empire, We Live in a Great Country, These Are Proved Fallacies and more. Nobody ever rewrote history like Norm! Source:  CDUniverse

Side 1 (14:41)
01 The Epitome Of Conjunction
02 Look At The Bible
03 Look At Samson
04 She Wouldn't Eat The Mushrooms
05 These Are Proved Fallacies

Side 2 (19:08)
06 The Roman Empire
07 Romeo & Juliet
08 More Hysterical Truths
09 We Live In A Great Country

Epic – FLM 13106
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