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Jack Benny - Classic Friars Club Roast Of Jack Benny January 21 1970

On: Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jack Benny
Benjamin Kubelsky
Feb 14 1894 - Dec 26 1974 age 80

Alan King
Irwin Alan Kniberg
New York City, New York, USA
Dec 26 1927 – May 09 2004 age 76
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Spiro Agnew, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, Milton Berle, George Burns, Johnny Carson, Dennis Day, Phil Harris, Ed Sullivan, Don Wilson
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One of the leading entertainers of the 20th Century, Jack Benny's comic timing remains legendary. Be it his signature pregnant pause or his exasperated "WELL!" audiences adored the most famous cheapskate in town. His radio and television family: Eddie Anderson aka Rochester, Mel Blanc, Dennis Day, Phil Harris, and his real life wife Mary Livingston, formed one of the most beloved ensembles of the sitcom format. They were his foils to laughter and his deadpan expressions spoke volumes. Forever 39, Benny hit just the right notes in comedy-his attempts at violin playing notwithstanding.
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