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Katie Lee & The Ray Martin Orechestra - Life Is Just A Bed Of Neurosis 1960

On: Thursday, September 13, 2012

Katie Lee
Birth name
Oct 22 1919 -

Oh man, (too) bad, this LP is available on a CD. A CD that feature 35 Lee tunes (tunes from this album and Songs Of Couch And Consultation) so I will not be posting a sample.
Normally I don't get into comedy albums and music... but this project is different. It's insane. Well, OK... you can see where I'm going with this review.
The presentation of the vocals and orchestration isn't over the edge. The vibe is easy listening/broadway/space age with very pleasant and straight forward vocals by Lee. The contrast and humor are born from the lyrics which are terrific. And, if we might consider that behavioral science terms weren't common in most households in 1960... this record, to my thinking... would seem crazy to most.
The whacked thing is that the songs seem as fresh and funny now as back in the day. They don't make neuroses like they used to! Source: Unearthed In The Atomic Attic

01 Life Is Just A Bed Of Neuroses
02 Case History ('A' Loves 'B' Loves 'C')
03 Why Johnny Why
04 Love That Man
05 Mental Blocks
06 Be Miserable
07 The Ballad For Group Therapy
08 We Must Adjust
09 The Insecure Tango
10 Don'tville
11 When I Was A Little Girl
12 The Get Well March

Funny Folk Songs
RCA Victor LSP-2214
Thanks dwight c, pcthunderfoot!

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