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Flip Wilson - Geraldine, Don't Fight The Feeling 1972

On: Saturday, September 29, 2012

Flip Wilson
Clerow Wilson Jr
Dec 08 1933 - Nov 25 1998 age 64
Official Site

Cast in the mold of Bill Cosby, Flip Wilson was one of the most popular comics in the late '60s and early '70s, propelled by frequent appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and talk shows. His star rose to the top with the very successful Flip Wilson Show, which often featured the comedian in the guise of Geraldine, a hip, sassy Black woman. "The devil made me do it" became a major catchphrase at the time. His records highlight Wilson during the early years as well as when his show was popular, with Flip; the Flip Wilson Show and Geraldine; Don't Fight the Feeling, featuring actual skits and guests from the show

01 Geraldine Honey 0:43
02 The Bunny Club (feat. Bing Crosby) 6:32
03 Don't Fight the Feeling 3:16
04 The Perfect Secretary (feat. Ruth Buzzi & Tim Conway) 9:40
05 Complaint Department (feat. Phyllis Diller, Billy Eckstine & Tony Randall) 10:03
06 Killer 1:56
07 Chicken Delicious (feat. Jim Brown) 9:30

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