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Dick Gregory - At Kent State 1971

On: Monday, September 10, 2012

Dick Gregory
Richard Claxton Gregory
Oct 12 1932 -
Official Site
01 Introduction
02 Arriving at Kent, Ohio
03 Army Intelligence
04 Phone Tapping
05 Moral Force
06 Money--Old Women
07 Good Folks--Bad Folks
08 Repression (Reacting to Fear)
09 One Room Kitchenette
10 Revolution--Evolution
11 Human Rights--Property Rights
12 Can't You Say One Nice Thing About America
13 Frankenstein
14 Good Features
15 Cowboys & Indians, You Can't Talk Either, New Nigger, New Indians
16 Write the History of Kent State
17 Mama America
18 Closing remarks

Poppy Records
Thanks Dr Forrest's Cheeze Factory!
His other material on this blog is HERE

4 comments on "Dick Gregory - At Kent State 1971"

Anonymous said...

His stuff is hard to find. Thanks for this one. Do you happen to have his first album, "In Living Black & White." I feel like an ingrate asking but also wondering if you have the Redd Foxx album,"Burlesque Humor." It has his great song, "Fun In The Crazyhouse."
Thanks for the laughs..sorely needed these days.

JimG said...

Dr Forrest at Cheeze Factory generously posted this album. Check out his blog at
I don't have either of your requests at this time, but I am always on the lookout for new material.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation and checking into my requests.

Media Funhouse said...

Thanks for this one, Dr. F. I have earlier LPs by Dick, had read a few of his books from this period, and have seen him in recent years when he's returned to straight comedy, but this long-listen to him during his most radical (yet still funny) period was fascinating.

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