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Billy Connolly - Comedy & Songs 1999 (UK)

On: Friday, September 28, 2012

Billy Connolly
William Connolly Jr
Anderston, Glasgow, Scotland
Nov 24 1942 -

Billy Connolly's career as a singer, comedian, and television personality has taken him from the shipyards of the clyde to the stages of the world, an unlikely story given his impenetrable Glaswegian brogue and regional nature of his humor. After quitting his shipbuilding job, his first break came in the Humblebums, a musical duo with another star, Gerry Rafferty. As the monologues between songs became longer, Connolly decided to develop his own act and concentrate solo on the spoken word.  These 1974 recordings stem from the tours that made Billy Connolly the comic a household name, even if they meant Connolly the musician was to take a back seat from then on.

01 Glasgow Accents... Nine And A Half Guitars 9:19
02 Maries's Wedding (Musical Appreciation) 9:32
03 The Jobbie Weecha!!! 16:06
04 The Short-Haired Police Cadet 3:06
05 Harry Campbell And The Heavies 7:14
06 Leo McGuire's Story 3:29
07 A Life In The Day Of 11:44
08 Steel Wellies? 4:13
09 Mystery Two 3:50

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