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Davey Bold - A Bold Knight 1966 (Canada)

On: Sunday, September 9, 2012

Davey Bold
Birth name
aka Davey Nose Bold
May 16 1923 - Jul 16 1978 age 55
Official Site

Davey Bold is about the funniest comedian I'd never heard of before. He was a mainstay in the St. Louis nightclub scene for many years, and died in the 1980s. There's little info out there about him, other than a reference to his uncredited part in the 1961 movie "Hoodlum Priest, and a mention in an interview with Woody Woodbury.
I actually found this guy very funny in that gently off-color style of 50s and 60s nightclub comics. There are a few dubious ethnic jokes that were acceptable back then, but I think you'll find him a lot funnier than some of the other comedians I've posted before.  Musicsnatcher
*Note the inconsistency on the album title on the labels... JimG

01 Side 01
02 Side 02

Norman Records NL-103
His other albums on this blog are "tagged" at the bottom of this post
King Of My Castle b/w I Can't Forget You (45)


1 comments on "Davey Bold - A Bold Knight 1966 (Canada)"

Anonymous said...

Wow. My dad had one of Davey's albums. He sang, "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah at the Shoe Shine Shop. She sits and shines and shine and sits, sits and shines and shines and sits."
The next verse was, "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah at the Cabaret. She sits and sings and sings and sits, sits and sings and sings and sits."
Then comes, "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah at the Seashore Shop. She sits and shops and shops and sits, sits and shops and shops and sits."
Finally, "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah in her Chevrolet. She sits and shifts and shifts and sits, sits and shifts and shifts and sits..."
All part of a beautiful, stupid, hilarious piano song. Did I miss a verse, anyone? :)

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