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Morey Amsterdam - The Next One Will Kill You 1963

On: Friday, September 14, 2012

Morey Amsterdam
Moritz Amsterdam
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Dec 14 1908 - Oct 28 1996 age 87
Official Site

The Next One Will Kill You is the comedy CD re release of the 1963 stand-up jokes album by Morey Amsterdam. If the name Amsterdam is familiar, it is probably because he played Buddy Sorrell, one of the writers for the fictitious Alan Brady Show. Amsterdam was known as The Human Joke Machine and this old school joke CD proves it was a well-earned title.
Morey Amsterdam sings and tells jokes to a musical background. This is of course clean and family friendly comedy. Each track is a collage of similarly themed jokes such as My Psychiatrist Says. Our very PC world might be a bit uncomfortable at the fake Irish accent Morey Amsterdam uses on Big Molly O’Toole but it is funny. I Wonder What a Baby Thinks is more cute than har-har funny. A Man’s Best Friend is His Nose is a series of nasal jokes. Drunks Inc. is delivered in a late night blues style that really makes this track stand out and perhaps the best one on The Next One Will Kill You.  Baby Drown the Drain is a Cockney accent ditty and the weakest bit on this comedy CD.  Onions has a weird tropical – Caribbean feel to it. This is a decent enough bit but the jokes are the weakest on The Next One Will Kill You.  This Morey Amsterdam is definitely old school and on the weirdly cool side.

01 Yuk-A-Puc 2:40
02 My Psychiatrist Says 6:47
03 Big Molly O'Toole 3:19
04 I Wonder What a Baby Thinks 3:51
05 A Man's Best Friend Is His Nose 3:00
06 Drunks Inc. 7:01
07 Baby Down the Drain 2:36
08 Onions 6:34

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