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Justin Wilson - Humorous World Of Justin Wilson 1961

On: Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Justin Wilson
Justin E. Wilson
Apr 24 1914 - Sep 05 2001 age 87(2001-09-05)(1914-04-24) -

The first time I saw Justin (Yoo-stahn) Wilson on PBS with his cooking show, I said "My Goodness! I grew up listening to his humor!!" People thought I was making it up!
This album is close to his first record if not the very first- I remember my family listening to "cousin Justin" at LEAST in the early '60s, so 1961 is probably the right date for this album. If you can EVER get a copy, DO IT! You'll never regret it! -Amazon customer

01 The Front End
02 Hotel
03 Dynamite
04 Cajun Basketball Game
05 Declaration Of Independence
06 Drunk Driver
07 Auto Transport Driver

08 Indecent Exposure
09 A Father Teaches Son To Hunt
10 Sweater Girl
11 Adventures Of A Furniture Man
12 Barroom
13 Duck Hunt
14 The Behind End

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