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Ace Trucking Company - Ace Trucking Company 1970

On: Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bill Saluga
Birth name
aka Raymond J. Johnson Jr.  Ray J. Johnson, Ray, J, Johnny, Sonny, Junie, Ray J, RJ, RJJ, and RJJ Jr
1938 -
Official Site

Fred Willard
Frederick Willard
Sep 19 1933 -

George Memmoli
George Memmoli
Aug 03 1938 – May 20 1985 age 46
Official Site

Michael Mislove
Birth name
May 14 1941 -
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Patti Deutsch
Patricia Deutsch
Dec 16 1945 - 
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The Ace Trucking Company was one of the most innovative comedy troupes of the 1960s and 1970s. It consisted of four guys and one woman with George Memmoli, Michael Mislove, Bill Saluga, Patti Deutsch and Fred Willard. They were doing "sketch comedy" long before show such as "Saturday Night Live" (1975), "Friday" or "MADtv" (1995) ever came along.
The Ace Trucking Company appeared 35 times on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" between April 1969 and May 1975. They also performed their comedy sketches as well as improvised routines on "The Mike Douglas Show", "The Dick Cavett Show", Don Kirschner's "The Midnight Special", and "This Is Tom Jones" (as series regulars). They also appeared in the motion picture, "The Harrad Experiment", and recorded an album of improvised sketches for RCA records.
01 Paqua Velva 3:35
02 The Electric Chair 7:18
03 Psychiatrist and Patient 1:15

04 The Drugstore 1:25
05 10 to 5 to 5 4:03
06 $3.00 Quarterback 1:05
07 The Soap Opera 6:55
08 Constipation 2:48
09 The Honeymoon Night 3:25
10 The First Buffalo Hunt 5:56
11 Othello 4:00 

12 The Last Supper 10:00
"You Can Call Me Ray"


Improv Skit Comedy
RCA LSP-4268
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