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Whittinghill & Arbogast - At Carnegie Hall 1963

On: Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dick  Whittinghill
Noral Edward Whittinghall
aka Whit
Helena, Montana, USA
Mar 05 1913 – Jan 24 2001 age 87
Official Site

Bob Arbogast
Robert Arbogast
Apr 01 1927 – Mar 21 2009 age 82
Official Site

Dick Whittinghill was an American movie and television actor, recording artist and radio disc jockey in the United States. His early music career included membership in The Pied Pipers vocal group which sang with Tommy Dorsey's big band.
Beginning in 1950, Whittinghill was for almost three decades a popular disc jockey at radio station KMPC-AM in Los Angeles. After his retirement, he was heard on a recorded Sunday program on KMPC, and later as afternoon drive personality at KPRZ, Los Angeles, reversing his traditional KMPC role, as former KMPC afternoon DJ Gary Owens was then KPRZ morning man.
Among the features of his program were the "story records," sent in by listeners, in which a short anecdote was completed with a line from a song. For example, the spider told Little Miss Muffet, "You can keep the curds but give me...All the Way (whey). (using Frank Sinatra's song).
Bob Arbogast was an American radio personality and voice actor. His distinguished career as an on-air DJ for a variety of radio stations began in the 1950s. Among his achievements, he created the Question Man, which eventually ended up on the Steve Allen TV show. The concept lived on in Johnny Carson's Carnac the Magnificent and on the TV game show Jeopardy!
In 1958, Arbogast teamed with Stanley Ralph Ross to write and perform the hit 45 rpm single "Chaos, Parts 1 and 2," which when it came out (on Liberty Records #55197), sold 10,000 copies in three days, and then was banned from radio play on the fourth day - when stations realized that it satirized "Top 40" radio. Dr. Demento has kept "Chaos" alive. In addition, they co-wrote the album of parody songs titled My Son, the Copycat (a take on Allan Sherman's albums) and the book Speak When You Hear the Beep.
Arbogast used his voice in numerous cartoons and commercials, and has appeared on television shows and in movies. He did frequent uncredited voiceovers for Sesame Street segments. He voiced several characters in the Roger Ramjet cartoon and also in the classic Hanna-Barbera series, The Jetsons. He was the voice for the original "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" advertising campaign. In movies, he co-starred (had two lines and 6 minutes on camera) with Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn in The Falcon and the Snowman and he drove the bus in Linda Lovelace for President.
His oldest son, Peter, was the long-time radio voice of USC Trojan football.

01 Sight Vs. Sound 1:48
02 The Head-Hunter 0:41
03 Star Of The Silent Screen 1:34
04 The Secret Sound 0:48
05 Life In These United States 2:42
06 Moloney And The Lieutenant 0:39
07 Somewhere Over The Pacific 3:08
08 Of Space And Time 2:05
09 The Inventor 2:36
10 The Window-Washer 0:53
11 Call The Doctor 1:23
12 Childish Psychology 2:14
13 The Lifeguard 2:07
14 Sign In, Please 0:39
15 The Juggler 2:32
16 A Message From Our Sponsor 0:29
17 Two Announcers 2:26
18 Hi There, Old Man 0:53
19 Back In The Woodwork 1:50
20 Pilot To Control Tower 0:53

21 The Perfect Comeback 1:44
22 The Flagpole Sitter 1:16
23 A Recipe 2:46
24 Moloney And The Lieutenant Revisited 0:57
25 The Dog Catcher 1:26

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