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Redd Patch - Take Care Of Business 1961

On: Friday, March 2, 2012

Redd Patch
Birth name
Feb 28, year unknown
Official Site

This album was recorded at the Showspot Cafe by "One Of The World's Greatest Comedians" about whom I can't find any information online.  A search on "Showspot Cafe" returned exactly one hit. 
When an album has a PO Box and address on the cover and address label, and is recorded in "Hi-Infidelity", those are Redd Flaggs.

01 Early Show
02 Late Show

Album highlights:
The Hole Patcher
The Nasty Crack
All The Way In
Meat In The Rear
Pay As You Enter
Bust In The Mouth
Naked In The Night
The Hurting Ring
Eighteen Inches
Licking The Stick
The Ladies Room
Itching Crabs
Head First
Chapped Lips
Sex Problem

Ha-Ha Records H-44-A


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