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Ed Sanders – Sanders' Truckstop 1969

On: Friday, March 9, 2012

Ed Sanders
Edward Sanders
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Aug 17 1939 -
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Ed Sanders is an American poet, singer, social activist, environmentalist, author, publisher and longtime member of the band The Fugs. He has been called a bridge between the Beat and Hippie generations. Wikipedia

Imagine you're at your local country bar, when some long-haired fella takes the stage. He doesn't look quite right, but you figure he's ok, especially when he and his band start playing some twangin' honky-tonk tunes. But then you start listening to the lyrics, and holy mother-of-Kinky-Friedman, danged if he isn't making fun! This 1969 album of satirical barroom stomps and cry-in-your-beer ballads didn't make Ed Sanders any friends in Nashville, but they just might make you salt your suds with tears of laughter. ~ Amazon  

01 Jimmy Joe, The Hippybilly Boy 5:16
02 Maple Court Trajedy 2:39
03 Heartbreak Crash Pad 4:09
04 Banshee 3:04
05 The Plaster Song 3:04
06 The Iliad 4:08
07 Breadtray Mountain 2:24
08 The ABM Machine 2:32
09 They're Cutting My Coffin At The Sawmill 3:18
10 Homesick Blues 2:38
11 Pindar's Revenge 3:30

Reprise Records – RS 6374

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2 comments on "Ed Sanders – Sanders' Truckstop 1969"

Unknown said...

This album quite frankly was the second country music album I ever owned and a huge influence. I met Sanders about 10 years ago at one of his live performances where he played his electric tie. After the show I got his autograph on a cassette release and told him how much I love this album. He responded "So you're one of the 10 people that bought it" so lets say he wasn't flattered. Regardless I think this album is what I could only hope to sound like. The players on the album are very strong and Ed Sanders always brings a unique sense of humor. While back in 1969 "The Iliad" was song being featured for its shock value most folks hearing it don't understand how Ed is really poking fun at the homophobes not gays. That said it was embraced by many for the opposite reason.
My favorite songs are "Maple Court Tragedy" , "Banshee", "Cutting My Coffin" and "The Plaster Song" all of which I have performed at one time or another as I love them. Buzz on the other hand only likes Banshee.
Ed Sanders, poet, author, and in this case songwriter/singer. A collection of entertaining lyrics and authentic country music from an unlikely source.

Thank you again Ed Sanders for making this fantastic piece!


Allan said...

I was another of the ten people who bought it, I got 'Beer Cans On The Moon' too. Can't imagine anyone not understanding 'The Iliad'; I'd categorize the whole album as a gentle satire. This record and all the Fugs originals are still part of my collection.

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