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Tito Hernandez - The Last Family 1963

On: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tito Hernandez
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Last Family Flips Miami - There's a "Family" album available here that's a smash. It's called "The Last Family" and it has all the necessary ingredients going for it. Sales in the area have been powerful - it's topical and it lampoons the Communists in Cuba. Only problem as the rest of the country is concerned is that it's entirely in Spanish.
"The Last Family" resides in the Red House in Havana with Fidel Castro coming off as the heavy and the infidel. Many of the bits are played to categorization of Communists affiliations. In an interview, for instance, Castro is depicted as favoring the "Red Cross and the Cincinnati Reds." In baseball he plays "left field", and he does not steal bases, he "confiscates them."
The Castro voice on the disc belongs to a former Cuban televison star, Tito Hernandez, and it is understood that an English version of the LP is planned. Billboard April 13 1963

Note - this is the english language version of the LP. Produced by Alvarez Guedes!

01 Green The Press
02 Playing Baseball
03 Marxist Economy
04 The Red Telstar

05 At The U.N.
06 With Donovan
07 Vocational School
08 Between Brothers
09 At The Airport
10 The Day Castro Died

Gema Records – LPG-1179


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