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Tim & Tom - In Concert 1973

On: Friday, March 23, 2012

Tim Reid
Birth name
Official Site

Tom Dreesen
Birth name
Official Site

01 Upset With The Authority
02 Drug Addict Interview
03 The Mating Game
04 Hats And Militants
05 Racial Problem In Mancato
06 Black For A Day
07 News Report
08 Munchy Monster
09 The Good Ol' Days10 Super-Spade
11 Becoming A Brother
12 Vinnie's Tootsie Rolls13 Meeting Italian Father

Thanks Gritpaperboy!


2 comments on "Tim & Tom - In Concert 1973"

Anonymous said...

Found this in a box at a yard sale. Really enjoyed it. Your blog is the first place I have seen another copy! I just started researching it, but it seems scarce at best. Do you have any info on the quantity produced? I know that LMI label's page at discogs only has about 10-12 entries, and doesn't have this one.

JimG said...

About all I can add is that it was a private label. Sorry

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