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Jackie Kannon - Prose From Cons 1960

On: Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jackie Kannon
Birth name
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Jul 25 1921 -
Official Site

Jackie Kannon, son of a rabbi, was born in Windsor Canada where he made a name for himself on the local radio station. He then headed to Detroit, where he was booked into a night club for one week and stayed four years. Kannon was a fixture in Detroit, hosting his own TV show over WXYZ, when a New York booking agent caught his act and promoted him into the big time. Over the years Jackie has played the Copacabana, the Latin Quarter, the Chez Paree, all the major spots of the nation. Kannon is the author of the JFK Coloring Book (with Mort Drucker), Stoned Like A Statue, and the soon-to-be-released Wall Street Guide To Stocks And Blondes. Married and the father of Four sons, Kannon lives in new York, runs a club (and) a flourishing novelty business.

01 Introduction Jackie Kannon
02 Running The "Ups" Down - Duke McKinney
03 Jackie Kannon - Jackie Kannon
04 The Complainers - Herb Wilson, Buzz Dillon, Duke McKinney & Jackie Kannon
05 Inside The License Plate Factory - Buzz Dillon & Jackie Kannon/

06 Rehabilitation - Herb Wilson
07 Happy Inmate - Jackie Kannon & Eli Basse
08 Hip Musician - Buzz Dillon & Jackie Kannon
09 Insurance - Marvin Noth

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