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This Day In Comedy: March 23

On: Friday, March 23, 2012

Born this day in 1935, Barry Cryer (Barry Charles Cryer) is 77, Leeds, England comedian, writer.
Barry Cryer cameo 3e
Barry Cryer cameo 9

Born this day in 1939, Bert Berdis is 73, radio’s  Chickenman with Dick Orkin, then The Tooth Fairy, then writer-performers on The Tim Conway Show.
Bert Berdis cameo Ddd

Born this day in 1920, Jimmy Edwards (James Keith O'Neill Edwards) aka Professor Jimmy Edwards, Barnes, London, comedy actor. He died 07/07/1988 pneumonia at age 68.
Jimmy Edwards cameo d9d
Jimmy Edwards cameo c9

Born this day in 1964, John Pinette is 48, Boston, Massachusetts 6' stand-up comedian.
John Pinette cameo 3901

Born this day in 1922, Marty Allen (Morton Alpern) is 90, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania stand-up comedian of team Allen & Rossi, one-time door-to-door dance salesman.
”Hello Dere!”
Marty Allen cameo s93
Marty Allen cameo od
Died this day in 1995, Danny Apolinar Brooklyn, New York, composer and nightclub performer and writer of Your Own Thing a seminal rock musical. Born 02/29/1934, he died of kidney failure at age 61.
Danny Apolinar
Danny Apolinar cameo 32
Died this day in 1994, Donald Swann (Donald Ibrahím Swann) Llanelli, Wales, British composer, musician and entertainer, comic songs with Michael Flanders. Born 09/30/1923, he died of an intracranial berry aneurysm at age 70.
Donald Swann cameo E1

Died this day in 2001, Toby Wing (Martha Virginia Wing) Amelia Courthouse, Virginia, 5’4” comic relief “dumb blond.” Dated Jackie Coogan. Born 07/14/1915, she died of natural causes at age 85.
 Toby Wing cameo 36

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