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This Day In Comedy: March 24

On: Saturday, March 24, 2012

Born this day in 1905, Al Clouston (Alwyn Vey Clouston) St. John's, Newfoundland comedian, raconteur. He died 10/27/2004 at age 99.
Al Clouston Xx

Born this day in 1923, Kermit Schafer was an American writer and producer for radio and television in the 1950s and 1960s best known for his collections of "bloopers". He died 03/08/1979 at age 55.
Kermit Schafer cameo
 Kermit Schafer - Best Of Kermit Shafer, For Those Who Have Everything Back
Born this day in 1953, Louie Anderson (Louie Perry Anderson) is 59, Minneapolis, Minnesota 5'7" stand-up comedian, cartoon series Life With Louie, has written three books, host of 2nd revival of game show Family Feud.
Louie Anderson
Louie Anderson cameo 33 

Born this day in 1924, Norman Fell (Norman Noah Feld) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5'9" actor on TV’s Three's Company and The Ropers. He died 12/14/1998 from cancer at age 74.
Norman Fell cameo 930 

Died this day in 2010, Fred Wedlock (Peter Frederick Wedlock) Bristol, England. Born 05/23/1942. He died of a heart attack and pneumonia at age 67.
Fred Wedlock cameo 2

Died this day in 1990, Ray Goulding (Raymond Walter Goulding) Lowell, Massachusetts comic of duo Bob & Ray. Born 03/20/1922, he died of kidney failure at age 68.
Ray Goulding cameo 7

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