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This Day In Comedy: December 25

On: Sunday, December 25, 2011

Born this day in 1913, Candy Candido, comic,  Big Band singer, one-time partner of Bud Abbott, actor on TV’s Gentle Ben. He died 05/19/1999 of natural causes at age 85.

Candy Candido





Born this day in 1969, Costaki Economopoulos, age 42, American stand-up comedian, political comedy.


Born this day in 1908, Quentin Crisp, effeminate wit. He died 11/21/1999 of natural causes at age 90.

Quentin Quisp

Quentin Quisp Cameo

Charlie Chaplin (The Adventurer) CameoCharlie Chaplin99

Charlie Chaplin (3)Charlie Chaplin Cameo





Died this day in 1977, Charlie Chaplin, comedian, pioneer, The Tramp,  City Lights, icon, his image was used as an IBM salesman. Born 04/16/1889, he died in his sleep at 88.




Died this day in 1995, Dean Martin was an American singer, film actor, television star, teamed with Jerry Lewis. Born 06/07/1917, he died from respiratory failure resulting from emphysema at 78.

Dean Martin555Dean Martin Cameo kld



Dean Martin B & A cameoDean Martin Before Nose Job despeckled


Nicola Paone Sito Cameo


Died this day in 2003, Nicola Paone, humorous songs, Italian folk songs. whose style influenced Louis Prima. Born 10/15/1915, he died from pneumonia at 88.


Died this day in 1998, Richard Paul, radio, voiceovers, films, worked with the Firesign Theatre troupe. Played Jerry Falwell In The People Vs Larry Flynt. Born 06/06/1940, died of cancer at 58.

Richard Paul N

Richard Paul  N

WC Fields (10)

WC Fields (11)


Died this day in 1946, WC Fields, writer, comedian , film’s The Bank Dick, It's A Gift. Born 01/29/1880, he died from alcohol-related stomach hemorrhage at 66.

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