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Jerry Clower - Ambassador Of Goodwill 1976

On: Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jerry Clower
Howard Gerald Clower
Liberty, Mississippi USA
Sep 28 1926 – Aug 24 1998 age 71

01 Titus Plummeritis
02 Writing In My Bible
03 Warm Water Heater
04 Tough Nut
05 Clovis and Beck
06 The Wise Men
07 Dig a Dug Well
08 Marcel Goes Quail Hunting
09 The Pet Squirrel
10 Wanna Buy a Possum
11 The Headless Man
12 Flying to the Opry
13 A Nickels Worth of Cheese
14 Marcels Brother Goes to Jail
15 Runnin' the Coon
16 Uncle Versie Sees The Ocean
17 Mr Jake Ledbetter
18 The Clumsy Mule
19 It Coulda Been A Lot Worse
20 The House I Live In

Country Storytellin' Humor
MCA 2205
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