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Jerry Clower - On The Road 1977

On: Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jerry Clower
Howard Gerald Clower
Liberty, Mississippi USA
Sep 28 1926 – Aug 24 1998 age 71

Country comedy is one of the most misunderstood and unjustly maligned subgenres around. The rube personas that city slickers interpret as evidence of real rural stupidity are often parodies of the very prejudices that make outsiders miss the joke. Jerry Clower trades less in hillbilly stereotypes than Jeff Foxworthy, and instead assumes the role of humorous Southern storyteller, with an emphasis on "storyteller." In that regard his comedy is similar to Andy Griffith's. His long jokes usually culminate in weak punchlines, but the joy is in the story. There may not be a lot of audible laughter when Clower performs, but his audience enjoys hearing his family-friendly, mildly ridiculous tales pertaining to rural life and everyday situations. On the Road contains several long stories with a few shorter, conventional jokes, recorded live at various performances. Mel Tillis wrote the liner notes, which praise Clower's Christianity and clean humor. Source: AllMusic Greg Adams
Recorded live - Builder Marts of America Annual Convention in Atlanta, Ga. and All-Sports Association of North Florida Annual Banquet in Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.

01 Airport Goodbye
02 Hot Hotel
03 Uncle Versie's Trial
04 Rats In The Corn Crib
05 Clovis Gets A Job
06 Mr.duvall Scott's Chicken
07 Steel Marbles
08 Tar Baby
09 Deep Water Baptist
10 Stealing Teacakes
11 My First Banana
12 Hitler On The Front Porch
13 Fifteen Yard Penalty
14 Cut Worm Smith
15 Newgene And The Lion
16 My Katy Burns

Country Storytelling' Humor
Thanks Bob H!
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