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This Day In Comedy: December 02

On: Friday, December 2, 2011

Born this day in 1914 Ray Walston, Emmy Award-winning actor, Picket Fences  My Favorite Martian, Fast Times, Silver Spoons, South Pacific. Died 1/1/2001 from lupus.
ray walston my_favorite_martian

Born this day in 1950 Bob Kevouin, 61, Bob of Bob & Tom.

Born this day in 1955 Dennis Christopher, 56, (left, with Pau Dooley in Breaking Away), Chariots of Fire.
Dennis Christopher

Born today in 1954 Dan Butler, 57, actor, Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe in TV’s Frasier

Died today in 1982 Marty Feldman, actor, comedian Young Frankenstein, only 49 years old.
MartyFeldman Marty Feldman - Marty
Desi arnazbongos
Died today 1986 Desi Arnaz, (love that photo!) marrried to I Love Lucy’s Lucille Ball), dies of cancer at age 69

Died today in 1990 Robert Cummings, actor Love that Bob. Born 06/09/1910, he  died of kidney failure at 80.
joey adams (3)
Died this day in 1999 Joey Adams, borscht-belt comedian, in Manhattan. Wrote over 40 books, including The Joey Adams Encyclopedia of Humor. Born 1/6/1911, he died of heart fauilure at 88.

A different Joey Adams. Yes, this is a gratuitous photo of a hot girl. She's funny, too. And hot. Too.

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