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Bob Saget - That Ain't Right (Soundtrack) 2007

On: Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bob Saget
Robert Lane Saget
May 17 1956 -
Did you see the 2005 documentary The Aristocrats, about the filthiest joke ever told, with its appearance by former sitcom dad Bob Saget? Were you surprised to discover that Saget is not, in fact, a fantasy father with a halo but a real person who, in fact, knows some swear words? If you still haven’t gotten over that surprise, then That Ain’t Right is for you. Everyone else can give it a miss. This intolerable standup routine, which aired on HBO in August, was performed in front of a New York University audience, but to call the quality of the “comedy” juvenile is to give it too much credit. Saget apologizes to the audience at the get-go for his nonstop vulgarity -- he calls his adult-onset “Tourette’s” a reaction to the sappy sweetness of Full House, his once-popular TV show -- but that won’t stop him from beating to death his one joke: that, apparently, he only recently discovered the word fuck and is intent on using it as every part of speech and as often as possible. He does also talk to his penis; implore us to shoot a lot of stuff, like weird creatures from movies, unless they will fornicate with one another for our entertainment; mime masturbation with a microphone stand; and offer advice on the inadvisability of bestiality. Unless, of course, he’s singing -- yes, singing -- about being sexually pleasured by his dog. But those really are all the same joke, and it’s an unpleasantly aggressive and pointlessly tasteless one. Extras on the disc include the exclusive “Strollin’ With Saget” featurette, in which the comedian is personally vulgar to random New Yorkers on the street, and the “Rollin’ With Saget” music video, by the talent-free Jamie Kennedy; neither is any more amusing than the main attraction.
His HBO special has got to be the worst stand up comic performance I have ever seen. It's embarassing to watch, even if you are watching it by yourself. It's so bad, I caught myself looking at the audience members to see if a laugh track was provided, as I can't imagine anyone laughing at this benial, sophormic performance.
It's like he decided that the only thing he wanted to do was show the world he knows how to cuss and be gross, at the expense of his own family and everyone he's ever met.
What a joke. Source: flickfilosopher

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