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Posting To Multiple Blogs: Update

On: Friday, December 2, 2011

Ok the verdict is in.  Ditch the idea of using MS Office Word 2010. It can't do embedded images very well. But I have a nice alternative... and it's free.
Microsoft Windows Live Writer 2011 will compose blog posts to several blog products (Wordpress, Blogger, Sharepoint, others.) It handles embedded images the way it should - easily, no need to store the image in Picasa first. And best of all, to meet my needs, I was able to set up multiple accounts and publish the same post on more than one blog (and more than one blog type) when I click the PUBLISH button. Tags, Draft Publishing, Future Date publishing are included, and you can edit existing posts too. It will properly publish to private blogs and offers the option to download your blog's layout/template so you can see your new post as it would appear on the screen before you publish.
Note that it comes in a bundle with Windows Movie Maker and a half dozen other products, but you can install any or all products in the FREE bundle.
Download from Microsoft. ~Jim

Many of you know I have two mirror blogs to accommodate the number of readers of this blog, since Blogger allows only 100 readers per private blog. You may also recall that I've been griping about having to create each new post three times, one for each blog.
There are a couple of tools available that allow you to post to multiple blogs at once, but I haven't had much success with those.
After a lengthy search it turns out that the easiest solution was right under my nose the whole time. Microsoft Word (2010) allows you to create blog posts in several formats, including Blogger, Wordpress and Sharepoint.  You can register each of your blogs (logon and password) ahead of time so at post time you click on a dropdown list and publish to one, the next, a third, whichever blogs you like.
I'll let you know how it handles images, - tricky since Blogger wants images uploaded before post time. You too can experiment by downloading MS Office 2010 for a free 60 day trial.   ~Jim

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