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Coming In 2012

On: Saturday, December 31, 2011

I hope you have been having a nice holiday so far!  I thought I’d drop a line or two as we head into the new year...

Next year we’ll add a few new things.

New posts during January will focus more on major artists. It’s fun to see the lesser know, offbeat artists, but there are still dozens of albums and videos for high profile artists to post and I’d like to get them on the blog for you to complete your collections and to see the full spectrum of the comedians’ development over their careers. So more of the new posts will be of established artists. Lesser known comedian and novelty posts will continue, of course.
If you’ve been paying attention, I’ve been tinkering with the post layout, once again with the goal of making posts easier to navigate.
“This Day In Comedy” has been added, with a few of our blog readers volunteering to provide research material this past year (thanks again.) There are many sites dedicated to honoring comedians, and entertainers in general; many of these people have rich life stories. I’ve decided to honor them one or two days a year with bite-size pieces of information since I am guessing that your visits to the site last, on average, around a minute or so, if that.
My commitment to this blog will stay at the level it has been since late 2008. So look for more fun things in 2012.
I hope YOU have a great 2012! Really!


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