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Scam To Buy My Car

On: Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ever wanted to follow-up on one of those scam emails? Read on.
Over the last week or so I've been corresponding with someone who wanted to buy my son's car. The scammer is “JOSSY” in red. Interesting passages are in yellow.

06/24 JOSSY: “at sea at the moment as i am a marine engineer” “phone calls making and visiting of website are restricted”. “My form of payment is PayPal,” “have a pick up agent that will come and pick it up after i have made the payments.

06/24 JOSSY: hope my wife will like it also because i will ship it down to her in UK. thanks the payment has been made.

06/24 JIMG: An official looking (but misspelled) paypal receipt is received, payment to Liverpool, L70 1AB, United Kingdom

06/24 JOSSY “Thanks and GOD bless“

06/24 JIMG (he tells me I must pay the shipping fee since he overpaid me by $900). You'd think our servicemen would get better treatment. I’m going to the Western Union online site. (Later) Not much luck wit the crappy western union site.

06/25 JOSSY: God Bless you

06/26 JIMG Real good news, I found someone to ship the car cheaper plz send your wife’s shipping address so I can do this today

06/27 JOSSY the shipper am using is given to me by Paypal

06/27 JIMG just got a money order. where do I send it?

06/27 JOSSY send it by Money Gram

06/27 JIMG Cmon man, you gonna buy this car? Man-up soldier.

06/27 JOSSY money removed from my account

06/27 JIMG I’ve got a couple days of chemotherapy coming up. Don’t forget – the stars above show the path to righteous humiliation for the humble saint. Be safe like a “Wilson”, dig deep.

06/27 JOSSY okay when will that be

06/27 JIMG can do it Wednesday night. Like Gomar Pile says, “the patient man will get the highest trumpets calling for peace before the rich man has his just reward.” I will leave the money order with Mike Hunt. Mike Hunt can be a pain. Let the stars be your blanket and God be your roof!

06/27 JOSSY okay try and mail there tracking team

06/27 JIMG: I receive an email from "SERVICE @PAYPAL" telling me "YOU ARE NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" From Agent Mike Olive

06/27 JIMG to which I reply: This is Mike Hunt, as Jim likes to say “the grasshopper saves, the weasel tricks, but the hound will win because he has the strength of one who can howl” and is a hound. Those are words to live by.

06/27 JOSSY: scan it and send it again i cant see it okay

06/20 JIM Pray for Jim using this ancient phrase "May the bird of paradise fly up your nose and defecate in your sinuses."

06/30 JOSSY i will like to know if the money has been paid okay

06/30 JIM I've sent everything you deserve to western union.As you are a soldier, you understand that the man who takes action deserves to get the just reward for his fallacious actions and shall deflect the triumph of cantankerous tribbles. The end is bound to be true, for the serendipity of the grasshopper who finds the sleeping men of Austin, Powers be always the domain of final complete payment.

6/30 JOSSY scan it and send it again i cant see it okay

6/30 JIM I am gratified to apprise you that you have been hoodwinked into earning your illicit payment. As folks around here are fond of saying, the check is in the mail. The indigenous folk of Ebene City in Mauritius would say “Oh Shucks.” Please send another email so that I can continue to obviate your efforts. With many guffaws and persnickety chuckles, I say Hi Ho Silver, away! I await your reply.

6/30 JOSSY receipt is not there check by your self

6/30 JIM Dear "Jossy" Thanks for being a good sport. I think even someone with English as a 3rd language would get the meaning and references. I've enjoyed composing these ridiculous emails and hope you enjoyed reading them. I tease you no more !! Dude - crime does not pay! Chris aka Mike Hunt aka Jim

06/30 JOSSY can you please scan it to me now so i can see it from here okay

06/30 JIM OK, I will put this in very simple words. You did not send money to Paypal. I will not send money to western union - ever. I will not send money to you - ever. See this website for information on scams like yours,

He didn't get my "Gomer Pyle" and "Mike Hunt" references (mid-westerners, repeat this: Mike Hunt Mike Hunt Mike Hunt) OK got it now? I was sure that would chase him away.
Funny - he accepted those mind boggling sayings without so much as a squeak or a giggle from him (highest trumpets calling? COME ON NOW!)
Revealing - the more that he had to move away from a simple script, the less he understood about how to write in English
In closing, there’s a moral to this story. I was talking with a friend who said his mother fell prey to a similar scan – and paid $250.


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czell said...

I'm glad you had fun with it. I know an older woman who got played. Her son told me by the time he became aware of it she was into it for thousands.

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