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Kip Adotta - I Hope I'm Not Out Of Line 1981

On: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

01 Geminis
02 You Know What Makes Me Mad
03 Little Aggravations
04 People Who Screw Things Up
05 Paranoia
06 Dieting
07 Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls
08 Laughter

09 What A Blow Job
10 The Separation
11 My Parents
12 Jokes To Go
Thanks shifferbrains!

2 comments on "Kip Adotta - I Hope I'm Not Out Of Line 1981"

Adam said...

Excellent comedy album, but almost incomprehensible amid the jumps, skips, repeating grooves, and such. A real shame, as I used to have this one on cassette tape and really loved it. It disappeared around the same time as my ex-roommate. Ain't coincidence grand?

JimG said...

I have this album and will take a look at ripping it again to MP3s.

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