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Russian Girl update - #6

On: Monday, July 19, 2010

In her latest letter she tells me she's dreaming about leaving her family behind and meeting me at the airport, coming into my home, and being in love (sigh). Oh, but to have a speck of truth. All my questions from the last letter to her were unanswered, and given the direction she's taken (i.e. let's meet soon), I've decided to respond from now on in a literary fashion, i.e. with trashy novel phrasing. Thus a snippet of my next email:
[Start snippet]
"I do think about you every day, a "daydream" in our language, "Сновидение дня" in your language. And yes, I do dream about you. I dream that we meet for the first time and for just a moment you are very shy, but then you step very close to me, close enough that I can feel your breath on my  lips, and you look up into my eyes and whisper "I am Oleysa". At that moment a gentle breeze blows a few strands of your hair across your brow, and I brush them away very lightly. I catch my breath and say "I am Jim, and you are even more beautiful than your pictures." We both smile, and I take both your hands and we talk very quietly about how nice it is to finally meet. Yes, you are a little shy at first but there's a sparkle in your eyes, a twinkle that reveals that you are very happy to be here, to see me, to touch me . The air is thick with passion, everything around us fades from view I say to you "This is the first day of the rest of our lives."
[end snippet]
OK, reality check for my blog readers. She is a 23 year old female Italian student named Tayara claiming to be a 27 year old female Russian secretary named Oleysa from Vladimir, Russia.
At best she is a young woman looking for love in a weird deceitful way, or one of my blog readers getting his chuckles at my expense. At worst she could actually be the car purchase scammer from a few weeks ago. At any rate, don't feel sorry for he/she, I haven't promised anything to anyone. Except, of course, some laughs to you readers.


2 comments on "Russian Girl update - #6"

Laszlo said...

Keep up the good work, Jim - This is hilarious to say the least!!!

Big Cheeze said...

Figures, eh?

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