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Capitol Steps - Stand By Your Dan 1989

On: Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Republican Congressional
Bill Strauss
, Elaina Newport, Jim Aidala
and then added
Republican Senate staffers Nancy Baskin, Barbie Granzow, Dave Nichols
David Gencarelli and currently Richard Paul, Anne Hill, Ann Schmitt, Brian Ash, and Mike Loomis
Birth name

01 A Pint Of Bush Light
02 Stand By Your Dan
03 I've Grown Accustomed To This Base
04 Mergermania
05 Danny Doll
06 Fifty Ways To Hide New Taxes
07 Make My Pay
08 Whale Barrow
09 September Seventh
10 The Big Gamble
11 Inn Trouble
12 Slipped Disco
13 Great Big Drag
14 Reagan Democrats
15 Life's A Beach
16 Wonder Where
17 Jeep Thrills
18 Jersey
19 Austin-Boston Rag
20 Sorry, Wrong Number
21 Gorby Gorbachev
22 Tanks For The Memories
23 Arreste Nudilis


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