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Russian Girl update - #4

On: Friday, July 16, 2010


Chocolate Milktooth has provided a link to an Italian website with identical photos of my Russian friend. It's most likely that she is the same person shamming me, not someone else using her photos. So at this point I can:

1-send her photos from her own blog, telling her how much she looks like my long lost love, dead wife, etc
2-send her photos from her own blog, telling her how much she looks like my long lost sister, twin
3-send her a photo of a guy on her blog, telling her he was my first - but only- gay lover (tee-hee)

My mind is swimming with possibilities. "Write in Italian", "repeat some phrase from her blog" and to satisfy those who have asked "send nude photos." We are now entering the territory of the reverse double breasted nested sham scam - I like to call it the re-dub-bra-nesty-sha-cam for short. Try it.

I would be thrilled to take your suggestions on what to do next. Please write!


5 comments on "Russian Girl update - #4"

Chocolate Milktooth said...

I did a reverse image search on tineye using the second picture and this site came up:

I used Google Translate to help me read the Italian text but it still doesn't really make any sense. Anyway, it looks like a scam so there's only one respectable, gentlemanly way to deal with this: send a message that says "TITS OR GTFO."

JimG said...

"Hey you…get your damn hands off her!"
George McFly, Back To The Future.

Bravo chocolate milktooth!
And now and can reaaally have some fun and take it up a notch.
Stay tuned!

Big Cheeze said...

Without a linkage to the site, nor having read the 3rd message, I might suggest the avenue John Candy took in Splash, simply say in Italian, "I have a twelve inch penis." That should pretty much cover ANY topic!

Big Cheeze said...

Ho un pene da dodici pollici.

Is this correct?

Big Cheeze said...

Bablefish did a pretty good job of translating that page.

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