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Russian Girl update - #2

On: Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I got an email in which she described a failed relationship. She also sent me a professional studio photo, claiming to have more, asking if I'd like to see them. 
As to my emails asking questions, she claims she does not fully understand them so she cannot answer them. But my emails are re-read repeatedly and are the only thing which cheer her up. She closed her email with a kiss to me.

4 comments on "Russian Girl update - #2"

Laszlo said...

Hell, let's see her photo! C'mon Jim! Woo-Hoo!

Big Cheeze said...

Here's a good 'un.

A friend, divorced a couple of years now, got drunk at an office party and then stopped off at the nearest nudie bar where a woman offered him a lap dance for 100 bucks which he accepted and then slipped her his business card (an attorney).

She called & started "taking" care of him. Shopping, cleaning, sexy emails, etc.

Well, he asked me whatcha think, I said, RUN!

Naw, she's okay. Well, turns out she was all over the nets ensnaring the unsuspecting and then suing the schmit out of them for breech of promise.

Still he was gonna give her every benefit of the doubt. My response, RUN!

He finally got the hint and told her he knew of her games. Then she started emailing him asking for forgiveness, rides, etc., he said, nope (finally got hip). Took a couple of months before she moved on to another.

Did a bit of research and found a bunch of articles on her, fraud, court cases, etc., most while married.

Figures, eh?

Big Cheeze said...

Still... awaiting my millions from Nigeria!

Wish they'd hurry up!

The structured settlement people will not give me ANYTHING in the form of a lump payment and I needs new seats for my aeroplane!

Big Cheeze said...

But the good news is Ed McMahan should come through sooner or later, eh?

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