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Bill Dana - Jose Jimenez Talks To Teenagers (Of All Ages) 1962

On: Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bill Dana
William Szathmary
Oct 05 1924 -
Official Site

Phone: (615) 330-3005
His Blog

01 The Cheerleader
02 The Vocational Guidance Counselor
03 The Etiquette Expert
04 The Baseball Star
05 Teenage Problems
06 The History Lesson Christopher Columbus
07 The Marriage Counselor
08 Another History Lesson George Washington
09 My Alma Mater

Kapp Records KL-1304
Best Of Jose Jimenez 1985
Hoo Ha! Direct From Noshville 1971
Shtick From Bill Dana's Hoo Ha! 1971
New Alice In Wonderland 1966
Cry b/w Jose's Dream (45) 1965
King Of The Surf (Part II) (45)
What Kind Of Fool Am I (45)
All I Need Is You b/w Make Nice (45) 1965
Jose Jimenezchevitz b/w Childhood Scenes (45) 1966
US Senator b/w Bob Sled Racer (45) 1960


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