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Capitol Steps - Sheik, Rattle & Roll 1990

On: Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Republican Congressional
Bill Strauss
, Elaina Newport, Jim Aidala
and then added
Republican Senate staffers Nancy Baskin, Barbie Granzow, Dave Nichols
David Gencarelli and currently Richard Paul, Anne Hill, Ann Schmitt, Brian Ash, and Mike Loomis
Birth name

01 Leader of the Pack - Capitol Steps, Felices, Amy
02 Iraq Is Robbin' - Capitol Steps, Newport, Elaina
03 Like a Suburban Drone - Capitol Steps, Newport, Elaina
04 Proud Barry - Capitol Steps, Newport, Elaina
05 Read My Flips - Capitol Steps, Newport, Elaina
06 Day Care - Capitol Steps, Newport, Elaina
07 If You Knew Souter Like I Knew Souter - Capitol Steps, Newport, Elaina
08 Dumbstruck - Capitol Steps, Ash, Brian
09 No-Trump Bid - Capitol Steps, Holloman, Duncan
10 K-K-Kuwaitis - Capitol Steps, Hollomon, Duncan
11 We Arm the World - Capitol Steps, Cast
12 Ya Got Hubble! - Capitol Steps, Newport, Elaina
13 Camel Lot - Capitol Steps, Gencarelli, Dave
14 Drexel Burn 'Em - Capitol Steps, Darley, Sandy
15 The Green, Green Grass of Nome - Capitol Steps, Holloman, Duncan
16 The Fools on the Hill - Capitol Steps, Felices, Amy
17 Get Preppy! - Capitol Steps, Gleaso, Helen
18 You Fill Out My Census - Capitol Steps, Loomis, Mike
19 The Hardest Rhyme - Capitol Steps, Gencarelli, Dave
20 Who'll Put a Bonb on Saddam? - Capitol Steps, Holloman, Duncan
21 Lirty Dies: The Fich and Ramous - Capitol Steps, Newport, Elaina

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