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Russian Girl update - #3 (Rebuilt)

On: Thursday, July 15, 2010


In the latest email my Russian friend has declared that she has feelings for me and asked if I have feelings for her. Let's pick apart the clues to declaring this a sham:
1. photo 2 the English language shirt and Live Strong bracelet. American? May be, maybe not.
2. photo 2 is purportedly a photo taken at her workplace, an auto insurance company. A little too sexy for work, no?
3. I've sent a blog address with photos (so I could capture her location). She hasn't visited.
4. Her emails are in poor English and bad grammar, but sprinkled with 2 dollar words like "correspondence", "consequently", "necessarily" and my favorite, "rectilinear."

I typed her address into Google and got a hit on a website that said this is possibly a dating scam but I would have to pay $17 to find out. Ahh, the scam in a sham otherwise known as the double-breasted nested sham scam, an old favorite.


1 comments on "Russian Girl update - #3 (Rebuilt)"

Big Cheeze said...

(Stroking chin in a questioning manner)
Velly interesting...

"rectilinear" good one...

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