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Russian Girl update - #5

On: Saturday, July 17, 2010


In her latest letter she reaffirms that she is looking for romance and asks that I say if I want the same. Hound dog that I am, I wrote freely (and honestly) that I would love to have love in my life.
She also spent quite a few words, actually the bulk  of the email, about me being honest and truthful. 

I opened my reply with an Italian phrase "Il mio caro..." which means "My dear..." and sprinkled in a few other Italian phrases. Here and there I clipped exact phrases from her blog and pasted them in my email (no she's not blond but I don't expect her to catch on.) I closed with a strongly worded paragraph about honesty and offered her a chance to come clean if she's been lying about even the smallest thing. "Oh what a web we weave..."
She denied having a blog but does indeed have one with over 45,000 hits - a popular girl!
Anyway, honest though it may be, I'm hoping my flim-flam will trump her sham-scam. And  I really hope  my emails don't lead to a flim-flam flap over a  damn sham-scam.


4 comments on "Russian Girl update - #5"

One Hep Kat said...

Sham Wow to clean up the mess?

Anonymous said...

We can use Spic And Span

Chocolate Milktooth said...

I would not eat green eggs and ham.
I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

SERENITY said...

Jim, you really need to stop playing with the feelings of this big fat, balding, west African internet fraudster. We both know you are only leading him on, if you really want him to find true happiness, set him free... to find true love (and a bigger bank balance) else where!.

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