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Singing Doctors - Medic Emetics 1960s

On: Sunday, May 15, 2011

This album was the first of three that were put out by the Greene County, MO Medical Society's Scholarship Foundation for aid to medical students. These albums were sold at the society’s headquarters in Springfield, MO for $3.25 each.
All of the bands members were doctors from the area. The record was sold in a plain white sleeve with no information to speak of.
There is absolutely no information printed on this 10" record except the word Borborygmi, which is the medical term for stomach-gurgling sounds. It's a fitting name for this collection of jaunty piano-and-vocals medical parodies, apparently sung by real doctors. Only real doctors could have gotten away with singing such explicit material in the '50s/early '60s period these songs were probably recorded. It definitely wasn't for the general public - only other medical industry professionals would understand all the references. 
They were also known as the Greene County Boys. The likely cast of performers: "Emmett" Gose, Lockhart, H'Doubler, Fred Coller, Brown, Hal Lurie, Jim Cook, Lister, Pasteur and Wimpy Adler.

Source: material snatched, plagiarized, scrambled and reformatted from original, better material posted on the awesome WFMU and WFMU 365 Days Project blogs, Discogs website, and comments by Mr Fab.

01 Little Black Pill Box
02 I'll Try To Say No
03 Everything Goes
04 Glass Prostate
05 A Little Pentothol
06 Green Stamps
07 Alice
08 Wonderful Surgery
09 Menopause
10 Medicine Spree

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