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Gene Tracy -Truckstop #10 Rhinestone Truck Driver 1970s

On: Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gene Tracy
Ivan Eugene Morris
Anadarko, Oklahoma, USA
Apr 08 1927 - 1979 ~age 52

01 Who Signed The Declaration Of Independence
02 The Duck
03 The Abundantly Endowed Baby We Move Anything For Ten Cents Lucky Stool
04 He'd Been Saving For 40 Years Turn Her Over
05 Ten Toes Up, Ten Toes Down All He Thinks About Is Sex
06 She's Just Got Two Weeks To Live
07 Look At That Onion
08 The I Bet You Wish You Could Do That Sharon's Parrot Purple Heart
09 The I'll Grab You A Handful Of Leaves Close Your Eyes Lotion Machine
10 Peaches For Sale End

Truck Stop
Thanks LJL LJL!
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