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Allen Drew - Stag Party 1959

On: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Allen Drew
Birth Name
Tullahhassee, Oklahoma,USA
Official Site
Allen Drew was known as the "Daddy" of the stand-up comedians. He had long and wide experience dating back to the days of the famous Will Rogers. His mother worked for Clem Rogers, Will's father. Clem gave him his first coaching and advice when he started his career as a comic after winning a local Charleston dancing contest. His first professional job was at the Capitol Theater on Chicago's south side.
Allen always worked as a single and appeared at the finest night clubs, theaters and fairs from coast to coast. He also appeared in motion pictures, Broadway musicals and stage productions, including the hit shows "Roberta" and "The Trial Of Mary Dugan." Source: excerpts from liner notes 

01 Juvenile Delinquency
02 High Nuts
03 The Queer Burglar
04 The Hung cowboy
05 King Solomon
06 Getting A Raise

07 Feel Funny Fanny
08 Voice In The Trim
09 Gong To The Dogs
10 Ride On Elder
11 Light Housekeeping
12 The Hotel


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