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Buddy Hackett - How You Do 1963

On: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buddy Hackett

Leonard Hacker
Aug 31 1924 - Jun 30 2003 age 78
Official Site

01 Chinese Waiter
02 The Songs My Mother Used To Sing To Who
03 Pennsylvania 6-5000
04 Chinese Rock And Egg Roll
05 I Used To Yate Ya
06 Pardners
07 The Chinese Laundry
08 The Diet
09 Funny L'il Duck


* * *
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Chinese Waiter (45)
Chinese Laundry
Pennsylvania 6-5000
The Diet
Ting me A Tong (45)
Funny L'il Duck (45)
Advice For Young Lovers (45)
Too Many Heads (45)
Various Artists - Do You Wanna Have A Laugh?
Live & Uncensored 2 (Video)
Bud & Lou (Video)


4 comments on "Buddy Hackett - How You Do 1963"

Trustar said...

Thanks for the giggle.


doug said...

Thans very much for this one. I haven't heard it in years, since I lost the LP many years ago. Great job.

doug said...

Thanks for this one, I havent heard it since way back when I lost the LP. Great job.

Media Funhouse said...

Those "lock and loll" songs kick ass. Who, Buddy -- P.C.?


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