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Various Artists - Funniest Roasts Of The Century Volume 1 & 2 2007

On: Saturday, April 30, 2011

Norm Crosby
Norman Crosby
Sep 15 1927 -
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Henny Youngman

aka King of the One Liners

Mar 16 1906 - Feb 24 1998 age 91
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Slappy White
Melvin Edward White
Sep 20 1921 - Nov 07 1995 age 74
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Jackie Vernon
Ralph Verrone
New York City, New York, USA
Mar 29 1924 – Nov 10 1987 age 63
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01 Milton Berle Roasting Rich Little
02 Pat McCormick Roasting TV Celebrity
03 Jackie Vernon Roasting Super Bowl Champs
04 Pat Buttram Roasting Henny Youngman
05 Henny Youngman Roasting Movie Star
06 Slappy White Roasting Super Bowl Champs
07 Dick Shawn Roasting Super Bowl Champs
08 Milton Berle Roasts Movie Star
09 Slappy White Roasts Henny Youngman
10 Norm Crosby Roasts Rich Little
11 Pat McCormick Roasts Rich Little
12 Pat Buttram Roasts Rich Little
13 Rich Little Roasts The Roasters

Thanks DAK!
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1 comments on "Various Artists - Funniest Roasts Of The Century Volume 1 & 2 2007"

Media Funhouse said...

The second volume is pretty much all one roast, for Rich Little in the early '80s. That one is interesting because some of the comedians redid material from earlier roasts (Slappy White). The first volume has some dynamite stuff, particularly Dick Shawn's obviously ad-libbed bizarre routine about athletes and their bathroom habits. Shawn was a wildman!


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