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Leroy Daniels - Sexmouth 1979

On: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AKA Sloppy Daniels, AKA the "Leroy" in Skillet & Leroy

01 Someone Else's Wife
02 My Daddy
03 My Wife
04 Prizes
05 The Old Rev
06 Short Dresses
07 Gone Fishin'
08 Times Is Tight
09 Shame on Her
10 No More Squares
11 Bad Little Boys
12 Smoking & Whiskey
13 Best Trick

Leroy Daniels - Sexmouth 

Thanks LJL LJL!

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Media Funhouse said...

Daniels does jokes we've heard on Redd Foxx's albums and even does a Rudy Ray Moore bit. Now, granted, Redd and Rudy Ray probably didn't come up with those bits. They just did 'em better....


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