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Sam Kinison - Austin Texas November 30 1986

On: Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sam Kinison
Samuel Burl Kinison
 Yakima, Washington USA
Dec 08 1953 – Apr 10 1992 age 39

Lester Palmer Auditorium

01 Radio Spot
02 Are You Lonesome Tonight?
03 Intro/Fake Radio Interview
04 One Gay Joke
05 John Holmes Died
06 Rubbers
07 Jimmy Swaggart
08 Fuck Rehab
09 Pocket Pal
10 Anal Sex
11 Dr. Ruth's Pussy
12 Lepers
13 The Bitch (phone call)
14 Wild Thing Jam 



1 comments on "Sam Kinison - Austin Texas November 30 1986"

SERENITY said...

Good find Jim, If you held a site "Poll" of the most missed comics, pretty sure sam would make the list.

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